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Passionate & Creative Beings Doing What They Love, While Reflecting & Protecting Mother Earth & All Who Inhabit Her.



Entrepreneur in Conservation, Creativity, & Community. Ethical Handmade, Sustainable Fashion Design, Maker & Remaker. Holistic Horticulture, Eclectic Witch, Passionate Wanderer, Snow boarder, photographer & Blogger.  Inspired by the natural beauty of our Mother Earth, on a mission to help protect it



♪TRAVIS Blackney♪

Thirst for knowledge, passionate about philosophy & studying phycology. Singer, song writer & guitarist. Through his work he explores consciousness & the Self. Using music as one of his tools. Check out his amazing song dedicated to his sister Kristy in the link below. 




☽Lucy kotsanas☾

Holistic Horticulture, Biodynamic Permaculture, Plant Spirit Medicine, Herbal Products, Handmade Treasures, Plant Based & Gluten Free, Blogger, Musician. Striving for Self & Global Sustainability & Consciously Evolving With Mother Earth ♺


❀ATTIKA stahl❀

Giving the gardens the love they need. Horticulturlist, Sustainable Handmade & Homegrown creative, Freelance Videographer, Photographer & Blogger. Ethical Explorer, eater & event manager. Everything she does is done with total LOVE and SOUL, she leaves a little piece of herself in all of her creative work.


shae mcnally

Earth Conscious Fashion Designer, Maker & Model. Entrepreneur of Creative Endeavours & Collaborations. Conservation warrior,   Adrenaline Adventurer, photographer & blogger. Her intrinsic value for the planet is reflected in her brand and all of her work 



♽Lillian pye-thompson♽

Ambassador of sustainability, aiming to make whatever environment shes in as Eco friendly as possible & teaching others how to do the same,  through Recycling, Reducing, Reusing, Remaking & Reimagining a better cleaner future for all. Tiny House builder, Minimalist, Video Blogger, Beauty Therapist  Arbonne consultant & all round go to go gal.