Make your foot print a positive one




Inspired by the mysteries of history, the ancient forests, natural wonders, the wild sea & all the magical beings that have called Mother Earth home

Ethical. sustainable. Unique

Crystal jewellery

Upcycled fashion collection


Holistic Horticulurist

Indoor/outdoor plants. Bohemian home decor

Sustainable landscaping, maintenance & design

Advocating awareness for environmental issues through photography, writing & wandering. With my brand I intend to raise money for organisations & charities that are fighting for our Earth & standing up for the ones with no voices, 

Mother nature has taught me so much she offers me healing, guidance & gratitude everyday, I intend to share this magic with others so they too can feel the life changing impact that comes when you become one with the Earth & all that is, 

Whether your heart swims with the mermaids or hides deep in the forest with the Faeries, there is something for you,

each creation will your nourish your gypsy soul, making you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside, connecting you the magic & wisdom of the Earth.

Alice Young