Make your foot print a positive one




Holistic Horticulture-intuitive Design

Whether realised or not, this age brings with it incredible potential for evolution of human consciousness. Technology has connected the world to vast amounts of information and knowledge and we as humans have gained so much unique, individual power.

We are also so blessed to be able to scientifically understand nature’s invisible processes but we need to be aware that with this knowledge comes the collective capacity to lead the earth to either destruction or creation.

Creation to me involves consciously evolving WITH Mother Earth through lifestyle and self-expression and celebrating that connection to nature with the world. I hope by choosing this path I am able to expand my Soul-Tribe of Eco Warriors and collectively reignite the oneness of the Earth with all that inhabit it.

Nature has taught me the most crucial lessons of patience, resilience, authenticity, self-care, relationships and the importance of having the burning desire to live your life no matter what it throws at you.

For this, I am eternally grateful, and I accept the responsibility that I can contribute to the survival and evolution of all living things. The most meaningful path that I could take would be one that directly reflects this.

Evolve consciously peeps

Alice Young